You can be much more


Learn our tried & tested business model

You can be much more


Learn our tried & tested business model

Technology driven

Our team uses the best systems for research and data analytics

Big investment

We have created a systematic algorithm to invest smartly and logistically.

Business strategy

We created a business investment strategy plan for deciding how and what to invest in to meet your long-term goals.

Time management

We assist you in learning how to hone in your time-management skills to improve your investment decisions.

About the services we provide

Investment Consult

We provide an in-depth work on formulating investment strategies to reach their financial goals.

Credit Repair

We challenge and dispute your questionable negative items while monitoring your credit score.

Stock Advisor

We will advise you on market-beating stocks while showing you how to invest with confidence.

Our clients say

We have multiple years of experience with top business professionals

Calvin Bray

Ray McDougal came along just when I was ready to give up on trading. He was phenomenal in showing me how to invest in the market.​

Celina Gasokis

Not only was he professional, Ray was able to help me increase my credit score in about 60 days for both my business and personal accounts.


Covid 19 Relief

Relief: A feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress We all heard the term “relief” simultaneously with the unfortunate covid 19

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