Covid 19 Relief

Relief: A feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress

We all heard the term “relief” simultaneously with the unfortunate covid 19 pandemic. However, why bother using the term if the latter has placed a strain and/or burden upon one’s self. Relief consists of freedom…even more so, financial freedom. Although the pandemic closed down much of the economy, it also open up an opportunity to find some relief in the form of financial freedom. I hope you all used this time wisely and opened up or expanded a business venture. The time cannot be better than now. A very profitable business to think about should be investing.

Why, you ask? Well, for one, have you heard the phrase “What goes up must come down” and vice a versa. Of course you have. The stock market is the best illustration of this. Although you stand a chance at losing money, statistics have proven that you have an even better chance at gaining more money. I personally have witnessed for the most part that for every hundred my Club loses, it gains twice as much back.

Even if you choose or do not know much about business or investing, it is never too late to learn. Wouldn’t it be nice to quit your routine job and have time on your hands to do as you please. How about waking up a year from now with a million dollars in your bank account. Well, if one had invested just 100k into Tesla in August 2019, one would of woke up last month as a millionaire. Tesla sold for 204.00 a year ago and got up to $2040/share last month, of course before the stock split. Please Do the math.

The pandemic was nothing we have ever seen before. However, it gave us all more time to evaluate things in our lives. Most were laid off from their jobs and many lost jobs unfortunately. Coincindently, the owners of Amazon, Tesla, and so forth all profited huge. How, you ask? Well again for one these wealthy persons had their own businesses and last but not least, they owned and invested in their businesses. Their businesses did more than thrive during the pandemic because most of us had to lockdown and/or work from home. What does that mean for Amazon?? Ask yourself how many people were doing online shopping during the lockdown.

Relief can be found in investing and ownership. Time is money and money is time. Take a social media break and lets learn something that pays us for our time without physically tearing our bodies down. In my next blog, i prefer “crirtical thinking” session, i will elaborate on a few things that should motivate you to find your niche and relief. It may make you sick 1st(no pun nor offense) but if anyone has the guts to do anything, my name as most know, would be that person to do it. I want us all to live and become financially freed. We have kids that need to start having a nest egg to start with when we all leave this place…as the wealthy ones do and been doing. We will break the generational curses so our loved ones will not have to struggle. “#thatInvestingGuruR.M.”


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