An investment club is a group of person(s) that pretty much put their money together and make investments. They can invest in anything from the stock market to land ownership. The benefits of being affiliated with one, besides profiting money, is that it takes less money to start. As well as the fact that many club members are likely known associates or friends. You can’t trust a group of people with your hard earned dollars. Therefore, a club can be small in size with like minded individuals.

Typically, it takes money to make more money and only each of us has only a limited amount of money. Lets say an individual only has a hundred bucks to invest in something. Well, of course if that same person gets 4 other individuals with the same amount of money, then that is four extra hundred that can be invested. As with investments, the more money invested, the more money that will be made. The saying goes “high risk and high reward.”

As the President of my own club, I have experienced a major difference in money made when i actually assembled, per say, an investment club. Even the contributions made every week are smaller in amounts due to the fact that we all split everything down the middle.

Another great benefit is the actual fun of networking with friends or associates. Although. I am the President, we all share ideas, strategies, and perceive constructive criticism without anyone getting offended. It makes for a great work atmosphere to make money.

With investments, comes great profits. Yes, we lose money, however, for every hundred lost, we gain double the amount back and usually within the week…well unless there is a contest between Bidens and Trumps, with all due respect. Yes the political world is a major influencer in investments. However, that is the easiest part, believe it or not.

You may not know anything about investing. However, I personally know that an investment club with the proper “President” and like minded person(s) can and do get an education about investing amongst each other without attending any Harvard investment school. Sharing ideas and motivating one another is the best kind of networking anyone can do, nevertheless make great gains.

Personally, I would rather educate the next one and hopefully be able to assist the next person(s) in establishing an investment club. It is a difference between being rich and wealthy. Wealth can be passed down the line to the next generation while riches are temporary. We all have struggled at some point, so lets plant a better seed for the youth. Lets learn how to invest and have fun while making money. Fear is the deciding factor. Fear the known, if you must, instead of the unknown. Until we meet again! #thatInvestingGuruRM (731)-333-8366 if needed. Good Luck/ Have Fun!

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